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The Avenge-Nerds

Hello! Bonjor! Hola! Guten Tag! Ciao! Namaste!  How are y'all? Today I will be talking about.......... MY AVENGE-NERDS OF JUSTICE! (Yeah, I know, the name's bad, we're working on it.) So a little background on us first: A long long time ago, five ordinary people met at a not so ordinary summer camp. We all were very different, but all had something in common, Our beautiful weirdness! Anyway, that was years ago, and we're still best friends to this day. NOW, INTRODUCTIONS! PS: everyone will have a meme dedicated to them!

 Pack-K: Pack-K and I have known each other the longest, (since we were born), and have always had an awesome friendship. We're TOTAL opposites though. She is SUPER tall, while I'm elf sized. She has fair skin, crazy-curly red hair, and freckles, while I am tan, have straight-as-a-board brown hair, and not a freckle in sight. Out of the group, we probably fight the most, just because we are both also the most stubborn. She is the third oldest in…

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