Ahh, slime.... The good, the bad, and the ugly

I'm about to discuss a very controversial issue...

 green satisfying slime homemade GIF

Slime... The latest craze of 2017. Everyone loves the squishy feeling and the customization of it all... EXCEPT ME! Call me strange but I DESPISE THE STUFF.  I mean come on! It's like sticking your hand in radioactive goo! I can understand MAYBE liking to color it, but I don't get sticking your hand in it.
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Why couldn't we just stick to play dough?? I mean that stuff is awesome and reminds you of childhood memories! I remember tasting it once and at least IT wasn't poisonous. A lot of slime recipes include either contact solution, and/or borax!!!! I love DIY's, but this isn't for me.
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Now I want to hear from ya'll! What do you think about the goo? Comment below!
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  1. I've made slime with my sister Pandy (that's her code name on blogger *wink wink*) but it's weiiiiirdd!!! (Also if she was reading this rn she'd approve of the Jack Sparrow Gif)


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