My first post!!

HELLO BLOG WORLD!!  Oh, sorry, I'm a little excited. My name is Effervina Little, but you can call me Effie. My friend Daisy Paquet has been begging me for years to create a blog, so here it goes! I live in a tiny town, and I have a dog, two cats, and some parakeets. I love to cook, bake, and sing, and I'm not athletic in the slightest. I am a Christian and love hanging out with my youth group. My best friends are amazing, and I have a soft spot for nerds,(being one myself). I'm a southerner and yes, sweet tea is my favorite beverage. (Contrary to popular belief, we do not eat biscuits and sweet tea for every meal.... Usually.) I will use this blog To post recipes, share about my everyday life, and really anything else along the way. So buckle your seat belts, it's gonna be a wild ride.
PS: here's a link to Daisy's blog--
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