Writer's block

Hey hedgies!! So I have discovered my first problem with blogging.... "BLOGGERS' BLOCK"!

I know, terrifying.  I had no ideas whatsoever. So, again I did what every good blogger would do, and again, kidnap the always amazing Daisy Paquet. She told me to do something fun to loosen up my brain, so here is a game I like to call, "20 things I couldn't live without."

1: My Bible. I know it sounds very Sunday schoolish, but it's true.

2: Zucchini. Honestly, I love zucchini SOOOO much. 

3: My Avengenerds. I love my Nerds!! We are the coolest!! 

4: My pets. I have a dog and two cats, and they're like my babies.

5: Netflix. Oh my, what netflix has got me through.... 

6: My pinterest account. I love looking for new recipes to try!

7: All of my books! I just finished the first book of the Lunar Chronicles series, JAW DROPPED.

8: My microphone. I love my mic... ( I want a white one though) 

9: My southern roots. Meaning sweet tea and biscuits @Daisy Paquet

10: Again, sweet tea. I cannot stress this enough... SWEET TEA=LIFE

11: Harry Potter J.K. Rowling is amazing and I remember all of my happy memories of reading HP  for hours upon end.

12: My family. We're all a bunch of weirdos, but we're ok with it. 


14: My bed. I know it sounds weird, but I am one of those people that LOVES her bed.

15: My 4wheeler. Yep, some girls have Ferrari's, I have my 'wheeler

16: My cooking supplies. I love to cook, so tons of supplies are necessary 

17: My iPad. My connection to the outside world is SLIGHTLY important.

18: My little aloe vera plant.  Literally the only plant I've ever been able to keep alive! I was not gifted with a green thumb.

19: My imaginary pet hedgehog. Yeah, this one goes unspoken......

20: THIS BLOG: I love blogging!

So what do y'all think? what some things you can't live without? Tell me in the comments! 

                                                                                           See ya!


  1. Great post! and what can I not live without? I think you know the answer to that. *sips coffee*


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